Another day gone by …. I woke up this morning looking at paying bills. Yes,

every two weeks I spend the morning going through my bills and paying what I

can. As some of you may recall, my unemployment ran out in the end of February

and since then I have been getting by onthe skin of my teeth. If it were not

for a guardian angel who visits my site I would be homeles and picking half

eaten big macs out of the dumpster somewhere. maybe it’s not all that bad, I

am rather stubborn about overcoming hardship. I can ask for help when needed.

And boy, my back was against the wall this morning.

I should be okay though… thanks to my angel. He is a nice man who has been

there for me and I completely appreciate it.

I am still working hard on developing myself. I am an entrprenuer. I am an

artist. I am an honest and gentle person. April is bringing a lot of great changes

inmy life all of which I am very grateful for. I met a guy I like a lot whom

I am starting to date. I am starting a new contract position on 4/16 that I

am looking forward to! I am also earning money on the side with some of my projects.

It’s not the lottery, but it is keeping me to a point. This is my turn around


Hecotr is coming over this week and I am going to cook him dinner. He has been

very sweet and understanding to my financial situation, but I think he sees

this is a temporary situation for me and knows I am not using him. I wanted

to take Hecotr for dinner on Saturday, but he insisted on picking up the check.

He is as stubborn as I am! No, I could not really afford to spend much money

(money at all really), which is why we went to the Olive Garden.

I hope to hear from people reading my diary entries!

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