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Been curious about this for a while. I know when people misuse these things they end up with some stupid reactions from the spirit world. Don’t believe me? Just misuse one of these things.

  1. Be prepared to use the board. Do not use the board alone. Get some friends to use the board with you. to protect yourself, Get sage, sage incense with an earthly smell to it. Light the incense,
  2. Spread the incense smoke around the board. this should make you be prepared for your session
  3. Say an Affirmation. Ones you are ready to start a session, say a prayer so that you can communicate with a good spirit. Here is the prayer for you:
    • “I CALL UPON THE ANGELS FROM THE LIGHT, CALL UPON MY SPIRIT GUIDES, GUARDIAN ANGELS FROM THE LIGHT TO COME HELP ME CLEANS THE BOARD. PLEASE REMOVE NEGATIVITY FROM THIS BOARD AND SURROUND IT WITH HEAVENLY LIGHT!” Keep repeating it until you feel a light, and positive energy from the board. Then when you hear a spirit say hello, say a prayer so you can have a good spirit to talk to you.
  4. 251px-Ouija-BoardBegin your session When you begin your session, no laughing or talking. Be quiet and ask positive questions, Do not ask questions that makes the spirits angry such as, “are you sexy?” Ask the spirits a positive question. some times the planchatte moves slowly. If the planchatte moves slowly, Be patient! REMEMBER, This is a spirit you are talking to! Not a person. You may be impatient with a person but you must be patient with a spirit.
  5. End your session properly. When you are done talking to a spirit, say goodbye to it. After you say goodbye, say, “WE ARE SENDING THE SPIRITS BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM AND WE ARE CLOSING THE DOOR.” This shows that you are closing the doorway for the spirits. When you end your session, wrap the board with white cloth and put it somewhere such as your drawer.

So, yes I am thinking about getting one of these. I want what I consider a real channel into the spirit world a leap ahead of what I can do on my own. Just saying.

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  1. – Never use the Ouija Board when you are in an ill or weakened condition. This can lead to all kinds of trouble and makes the person more vulnerable to possession.(For more on possession…see the next page)
    -Often times the spirits contacted through the board create “wins” for the user causing he or she to become more and more dependent on the board. For example, a spirit might tell the truth about a future event to gain the trust of the user. The user begins to consult the board more and more and eventually become addicted,not wanting to do anything but spend time with the spirit. This is known as “Progressive Entrapment”.
    – Since there is no way of truly knowing if a spirit is good or evil it is important to keep in mind that the spirits will often use false flattery and lies to gain your confidence. Be careful.
    -Always be respectful to the spirits.
    -Sometimes an evil spirit will permanently inhabit a board. When this happens no other spirits will be able to communicate though that Ouija Board.
    -Beware … if the planchette begins to count down through the letter of the alphabet or the numbers the spirit can escape form the board.
    -If the planchette moves to the four corners of the board an evil spirit has been contacted.
    -Never use the Ouija in a graveyard or a place where a terrible death has occurred. Playing in these places might cause terrible manifestations.
    -Witch Boards are named such because witches once used them to summon demons.
    -Avoid playing the Ouija Board alone. This increases your chances of becoming possessed by a spirit or demon.
    -Ouija Boards that are not properly disposed of will return to haunt the owner.
    -If you Burn the Ouija Board it will scream.
    -If you place a silver coin on the board,It is said that no evil spirits can come through.
    -Never leave the planchette on the board when you are not using it.
    -To properly dispose of the Ouija Board break it into seven pieces,pour holy water on it and bury it.
    Maybe all this is just Ouija folklore passed down something like an urban legend but it’s your choice to believe it or not…
    -Ouija Boards that are not properly disposed of will return to haunt the owner.
    Source: http://ouijaboardky.tripod.com/ouijastitions/id7.html

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