Late night Babble

I am so tired… getting ready for bed. Working hard every day and using every ounce of energy I have to produce and deliver some amazing pastry at work.
peach tatinI was told this afternoon about a party for 12 tomorrow who were having this event around a Moscato wine; sweet with a fiz. So they wanted Peach deserts… so I made a Peach Tatin (classic French) and a peach ice cream. I was able to bake the Tatin before leaving for work, but had to ask a co worker to put it away for me so I can check it in the morning.
Yes, I will get pics and will x-post over to too. Yes, that is my cooking site.
So, I am getting really sleepy now because I have to be up by 5am. I’ve been screwing off on the internet all night again.
I was working with and goofing off on my Tumblr account. It’s linked in the side columns. Check it out if you like.. there are a lot of hot boy in the shots too. Meow!

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  1. That peach tatin went to shit on me and basically became a peach cobler I served to the staff. Ugh… AND the peach ice cream I made came apart which was annoying. 2 strikes in one morning.
    So, I did find a bunch of peaches that were on their last leg or ready to be thrown out and harvested them for a sorbet. I made a peach and bourbon sorbet that tasted like heaven!!

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