Following my last rant…

For all of you who read last night’s blog post I want to assure you I cleared the air on almost all the points made in it. Today was pretty good, but I took my fucking medication and it made me really dippy loopy.
Regarding C.. we had dinner together and dessert at home… oooh la la. It was such an amazing night… I went to his work and met him as he was getting off. After some walking around, he took me to dinner, and then we got to have some alone time.
He makes me smile inside and out… even when I cannot find the light switch he brings me a little ray of sunshine.
Yes, this is sounding a little bi-polar… I am not.
As for work, I had a busy and successful day. My coworker is a bit of a cranky pants and stress ball, but I am not letting her go up my nose. She seems to think she is in charge of pastry and is giving me gas.
I changed the pastry menu the last 3 days by adding my own stuff. Monday was a bomb… the cookie concept was good, but I put too much thought into it. I am sure I will try it again.  Yesterday I sent out chocolate thumbprints with a ganache I made. Today I sent out citrus, almond biscotti with a lemon glaze.
So, there is it. And my leg is swelling again and I have this bump that looks disgusting. I can’t do anything about it til this weekend. I may die in the meantime…. I am popping ES Tylenol and it is barely helping.
So there ya go… an update

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