I am supposed to be starting my new job on Monday so I have a full weekend ahead of myself. Today I am going to hang at Delores Park and spend some time just enjoying the sun.
As far as being productive is concerned I am a bit stuck in the sand. I have enough things I could be doing but am so ‘blah‘ feeling is keeping me from doing much. Allergies and taking a Benedryl kill my frontal lobe.

I am so anxious to start this job on Monday. I did another interview this week and was offered the chance to stoge at another restaurant here in the city tomorrow. I am thinking about keeping that and just going through the process.
BUT… today is about going out of the house. I need to leave before too long and am hoping to get some nice color on my skin and just have some good company out there.
Basically I am scared and nervous that things won’t go in a good direction but I am optimistic as usual and excited.

Regarding “C”

My bf is “C”… I am not allowed to put his name anywhere anymore because he is not keen on anything on the web. I should be seeing him tonight… yay.
BLAH! – I can’t type. Benedryl sucking the life out of me… gunna sign off now.

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