BM2011 Part 2

Having walked the dog and am winding down for bed I thought I would add a little more to my story. In the previous chapter I might have seemed harsh on Christine, but I appreciate a lot she took on.

Meeting the Past

While out there one of my missions was to make as many connections as I can. Mostly people from the web site I manage where I am having a great time connecting with people and groups.

One of the camps I exchange mail with occasionally is the Down Low Club. It is a place that tends to be popular with a segment of the population. I reposted a half-ass article today in the Huffington Post that talked about it and other camps relating to the gay community of BM.

I took Christine with me to meet the guys who run the operation of the camp. While there I flirt with the local ginger guy only to have him call me by my real name; which a lot of people don’t know within Burning Man itself. Turns out this guy was a guy I was in love with 25 years ago whom I literally thought was dead.

Mind fuck is the words that come to mind. I had trouble going back to the camp because of it. It was good seeing him in the end and I never really knew if he felt the same for me back then. At least he never offered that information.

On the last day I went back to him after all the other experiences I had and just talked with him a little while re-affirming that it was a joy to have reconnected … at Burning Man of all places.

The burner world is a small world

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