Burning Mondays

Burning Mondays happened again tonight over at the Artisan. They plan on doing it every Monday, getting burners together, and discussing various subjects.

I am stuck in a strange place with some people that were there and I  am feeling like the politicing is taking over my Burner experience on some levels and ruining things I thought I was working for. I am going to back peddle a bit and see if I can minimize that, but because I am in such a dire position with Cameron Grant it makes it hard.

Cameron has been as much as a good guy as he has been as asshole to me. And the funny thing is he has no reason to be an asshole. He said enough times he hates Burning Man to enough people that he should have resigned well over a year ago when he was hating on me for another whole other bunch of shit.

I can say that seeing some people more has shifted my position on the race to be a new regional. Some of the people I thought would make good candidates I am rethinking and some of the people I questioned I am feeling really good about. There was effort for people on both sides.

Anyway, more and more I am considering the possibility that if they ask me to be a regional, that I will have to decline. OR… accept the role temporarily for a year and move on. I think it depends on who they offer it to.

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