Things that matter

  1. Being able to look someone in the eye
  2. Being able to hug someone at any time
  3. Being able to offer a helping hand
  4. Being able to accept a helping hand
  5. Supporting your family and friends when you can
  6. Sharing love and friendship with another
  7. Getting a kiss from someone awesome
  8. Coming home to peace and quiet
  9. Being able to float in a nice pool on a hot day
  10. Just chillin’ out with friends

Why am I making lists these days? Just taking inventory I guess. As I get closer to Burning Man it is time to take on inventory again for the next step in life.
Again, I am feeling a tremendous need to get the hell out of Las Vegas. I feel like I have done and experienced everything possible here. Though I have met some really amazing people here … the calling is pulling me away – but to where?
Ever just feel stuck? Ever just feel like your feet are stick in mud and just raising your foot is really really hard. That’s me.
Can;t post on Facebook anymore because too many people are seeing it and commenting on it. Just this last month, so many people have told me how sad I look. I saw this fat, older dude sitting on a bench in his underwear at the gym staring into the wall like he had nothing to live for – that for the grace of God goes I.
I project a lot. I try seeing through other people’s eyes and rarely is it good for me. Meps.

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