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I want to have a positive outlook, but it is so hard. I see my weight sky rocketing and I see myself as becoming less and less significant in the world. My skills and my outlook in this industry are just not enough – especially as quickly as it is evolving.

Problems at the office last week make me feel like abandining it. I talked to a former instructor of mine recently, telling him I am starting to hate web design. When he told me almost every day he hates it, but still maintains his passion, I figure there has got to be hope in some dimension.

While about my weight… I so want to get to a certain point and I cannopt get my head into that space to start losing it. I have the knowledge. I have the feelings. I cannot muster the means.

This weekend was a good break. But did I pay to get there. Paid emotionally and with stress because of an opressive authority in this area who really knocked me down. It’s so frustrating.

Long story… I will post it into the Burning Man blog later tonight with some pictures, because I launched Winterfest for the Burners this weekend and it went heavenly.


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