happy birthday

I am officially middle aged as of this moment in time. It’s come like a bus and whacko! ha ha ha… whacko being the operative word. I have been doing a lot of thinking and a lot of reflecting over the last year-plus and now come to see some things better than before. I think a conversation I had last night made some difference.

With all the bitching and kvetching over freinds this year I am ending it realizing I have more than I thought. Maybe not the kind I can count on for anything but there are some very valuable people around me. I find myself quick to weed out the undesirable ones too.

Odly, too, life in Vegas has been very tolerable and seems to be getting better though I still of dreaming of living somewhere else. BUT the summer time by the pool here is amazing and winter is not all that bad; good enough to be fashionable. Which means I can dress in layers and feel like I am making some kind of fashion attempt. yey me.

So I am planning my next year since September when it officially began. For financial goals, weight goals, achievement goals, and some life goals. 2009 was a year of painful transition… lets see if this caterpillar can turn back into a butterfly.

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  1. officially middle aged? Officially? OFFICIALLY MIDDLE AGED???? Who u kidding? That was years ago. Happy B-Day you dried out wench.

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