anyone seen that anchor?

So I have had a lot of ups and down emotionally lately and I am attributing it to the season. The holidays are tough on a person whether they actively know it or passively are not paying attention. None the less, I am dealing with it a day at a time and trying not to fall into any holes. I have a trigger happy doctor who loves writing prescriptions, not that I complain, but I am being careful about which way the rutter is pointing as I float down this stream.

Another Christmas and Holiday season alone. A birthday I will not be acknowledging. A mid life crisis still in the white-water of. This is how my 2009 is ending. 50+ pounds over weight and the prospects of an amazing year to come. It’s gets me up in the morning.

I’ve been looking for my anchor – suppose it just has to be me. No bf’s – no groups of people… the Burners have been a great pillow for the last year – soft, cozy and welcoming – but I still have to learn to walk on my own. Still not used to it.

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