nice night

Well, today at work I designed another new site for the company and I think it looks good. We’ll see tomorrow if I still feel that way. I think it delivered the message.

So, John (Mexican John) picked me up from work and I found myself feeling very chatty tonight. He is like my only – like – wing-man. I mean I do not have anyone else like that. The next closest people (guys) to me are all with boyfriends. Most guys I know are into chicks and then it just trickles out from there.

So I joked with John he is the best non-boyfriend ever. We hang well together, when out people think we’re together, I cook for him, we have little arguments… if we were ever having sex in the same room it would be official. HA HA HA HA!!!

Then I came home, planning on making dinner for John and I after work. There is a used condom on the kitchen counter and my roommate in the shower. I was so off the chain and tangled up in my own panties… oh my. The idiot took a while to pick it up… so enough to say is he decided he is moving out at the end of the month. Ugh… friggin pain in the ass.

SO! For dinner we had my pasilla pepper risotto and fillet Mignon ala Walmart. I so wanted beef and they had this cheap portioned fillets. Yummers. Oh it was perfect. Just a little sizzle.

John hung out a while. He’s a dick once in a while, but he is my best bud.

Oh – and last night I put up my x-mas tree. Decided to face the holidays this year… even if it means alone. I’m good, thanks for askin’! Yeah, just a little nuts.

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