Thanksgiving Day

My phone has been either ringing or messaging like mad today with some very nice greetings of this, one of my favorite holidays of the year. Why? Because I get to cook and I preferably like cooking for other people. I guess it helps I have a culinary degree besides my degree in web schtique.

Last night I whipped butter with this primo white truffle oil and then chilled it so it would be more solid. Then this morning I stuffed much of it (mixed with mixed italian herbs) under the skin of the bird. Popped that bad boy in the oven about 11 planning on it coming out by 3… and so it was. Basted it a few times with the same white truffle, butter and herb mixture.

Now I invited anyone who wanted to come by, but alas I was all alone. Not such a bad deal, but it felt really empty. Took me back to when Adolfo was still around and the Holiday meals we made together and how special it felt. I saw his neisce on line today and I came across the thank-you card from his other half-sister when we went to her quinsenera (sp?).

It’s funny how much I loved that guy and how much I was dedicated to him, then how little he saw those traits coming from me. He thought I used him for his money and I took him forgranted. When we started, I was the primary bread-winner of the house – which is someting he seemed to have forgotten.

No, I am not thinking I want him back. We had a good life together but the last year was pure poison. It ended much like the first time he and I dated. It can’t be too unusual for me to feel so melencholy right now given the fact he is the one man I was with longer than anyone. I never imagined us breaking up. If I cold know the old Adolfo and have the faith back that we cold do great things together… well that is reaching far.

No, maybe it is a reality that there is no one for me right now. I could blame Las Vegas but with the changes I have been through in the last couple years I wonder if I was really meant to be with someone.

Maybe I am saying this to trick fate into setting me up acting like I don’t want anyone. Ha ha ha… I’m not that clever and Fate is not paying me that much attention.

Uhm, I also made roasted yams and mash potatoes with a pan gravy wourthy of a good solid heart attack. No one came over and it was okay.

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