Year 2

My second year in the community here has been vastly different than my first. The stardust is washed out of my eyes and the fantasy has become a little more real. Of course this world is a bit of a fantasy to begin with. Not in a bad way, but in the sense that you really can disconnect from the mundane world and feel a sense of freedom and … say lack of being tied down… than where I used to be.

Of course there are ties of another nature, with the fact that one has to pay bills and one has to go to work and one has to feed the dog. One week a year that all goes away. Unless you are prepared there will be consequences from checking out for a week, so be prepared.

Just last week tickets went on sale for a day and I have not heard how the sale went, but I imagine it went quickly. These were expensive tickets, but at east some people will see them in their stockings for Christmas.

Burning Man tickets go on sale 1/13/2010 @10am. Be ready.

Anyway, my second year has been a big shift. I see the veterans backing off from a lot of activities. You my have read Dark Skies has been canceled. I see a lot of complacency, division, laziness, and bad attitudes. I cannot say I have been free of some of these attributes myself. Even I have felt the need to pull back from that energy a bit, so maybe I am not the only one sensing it.

This weekend I am joining a L.A. Based group of Burners on a campout down at Joshua Tree and am very much looking forward to it. Considering the many people who are going, this should be a seriously high energy event and I feel I really need and want that connection. So, I’ll write more soon. And hopefully with pictures.

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