week1: this is my new year

It has been a tough week. Last week I spent 8 days in the fantasy land that is Burning Man where the world outside virtually ceased to exist. I did have to worry about rent, but there was no technology to rely on. Sep 2nd I took a bus from Burning Man to Gerlach, NV so I could find a cell tower… then call out and make arrangements for my rent. All is well…

On the other hand, given my propensity for whining, I guess I would be remiss to note how hard it is getting back into the flow of things. Tuesday I was a lump all frigging day. Wednesday, I got some steam and ran some appointments plus got in a yoga class! yey me!

Today am trying to do some more stuff and should be back in the swing of things tonight… I hope.

Basically, I wanted to make a note today expressing the conflict of the Burning Man life with the real world. I may have let too much energy go into that journey, but in the end I am counting the rewards received from that journey taken.

Last night I discovered a web site for Burners who are single and they bar poly people and swingers… I was stunned. It was a direct reversal of what many of the burners I got to know were telling me about this culture, so there is hope.

In the next year I am setting some goals for myself and making new plans. Whatever fate hands me I am going to start taking some of the reigns back and make this new year a personal achievement. Yes, I will be going back to Burning Man. Yes, I would invite you to join me. Make life what you want…

…no whining please.

HEY!!!! YOU… reading this…. Use comments below to add your feedback and please use your name. Blogger rocks and is worth checking out. Cya!

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