In the process of coming to terms with a lot of things, I feel this huge shadow coming over me. As the world darkens I feel like there is a short row of brightly lit passages ahead. Which one shall I pass through?

I have been struggling with work since February when I was laid off from my job. I have no ill feelings about being laid off, I was not an important cog in the machine there. It was a sales driven environment and I was a web designer that did his job; I deigned and launched the web site. It still looks great and is still working.

It’s all good.

So, given the experiences I have had and the skills that have driven me mostly over the last 2 years I ask myself: do I maintain this career path and follow through with design? …or do I pursuit cooking. I could so return to banquet cooking or more personal chef work.

Both fill me with great passion and there really is no reason I can’t do both. I do wonder if my time in Vegas is at an end? My roots here are not deep and friends I counted on outside the burner community have faded away. Yet, even many of my burners have not embraced me that much; but they are family; it’s a different feeling.

Been thinking a lot about Hollywood again and am thinking a lot about Austin [TX]. Oh where to go and what to do… sigh. Which door do I take Monty Hall? Which door do I take?

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