A Letter to the LVBurners

Depending on what happens over the next few days… I wanted to pose something to the community and ask if ya’ll might indulge me.

I have been touched by this community and have been pretty open about it. In spite of differences in opinions, ideas or philosophies we do come together in a pinch. I know people really care about each other here.

This year there have been several burners that have met tragedy and I find myself moved by these situations. I’ve also seen a great deal of caring when it came to helping these people out when it was not even asked for.

– There were a couple burners seriously hurt in a motor cycle accident and both are making a slow recovery – these are people tied to our local burners as freinds.

– Another Burner (out of SFO) I believe named Holli was in a motor cycle accident in March and literally woke out of a coma last week

– And the latest was a Burner from the L.A. community that is still missing and his mother and the Burncast has been posting updates. His car was found burned out, his check card and business checks were attempted to be used fradulently, and so far 2 people have been arrested – yet he has not been found.

Been updating this on the Twitter page and on Facebook.

AFTER ALL THAT EXPLANATION: I wanted to see if everyone would be okay to bring a candle on Friday and light it for the health of these burners and good health of all our friends. NOW I know not all of our people are spiritual, but we also have some deeply siritual types here. Maybe a white candle for good health might be enough. A thought. For some people maybe a little prayer. It could happen to any of us.

I’M NOT LOOKING FOR A REPLY – you can tell me to shove it – it’s all good. But I’ll be out there Friday with a candle and a little offering – and a little prayer.

Love&Light all…

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  1. I will see you on Friday….and I will have a white candle and an abundance of positive intention for our brothers and sisters.


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