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This blog has been a catalog of my journey and education toward burning man. Alas, there is so much I go through that is no catalogued here at all. You can;t know what Damian – Cameron – Melissa – Indigo – Captain Bill – Dave – Amber – and so many more tell me. I can’t event get them to comment on Twitter let alone hit the Comment button below here to add.

Now, I am a “churchified” neurotic who is obsessed with Burning Man – losing sleep over the anticipation – tripping over my own idealism. Still learning new things. There is always something to behold on this.

So, I have discovered a lot of networks that are helpful. Now – being the web freak that I personally am… I manage one burner site – a tweet – a blog – and am active withing my immediate community. I also am actively networking with other burner groups like San Diego, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and am slowly trying to meet people in Los Angeles….

So here are some links I want you all to check out… mine are the first couple. I’m a selfish bitch….

  • (this blog in case you are getting this on a RSS)
  • (me tweeting for LVBurners)
  • ( on twitter)
  • BURNCAST – a must have and…
  • and BURNCAST blog… they are on Facebook too

It seems like I am sucking up, but since discovering Burncast I feel like I have found another soul out there just as crazy as my ass is. Crazy? Obsessed? Drunk with keyboard juice? I dunno…

Now I seeing the end of this long journey getting ready for Burning Man and feel like when I come out on the other side – I feel like I will be able to take another fresh look at my world. I am worn out… but I am also driven. I am getting good at eliminating my expectations for while AT Burning Man… although I am sure it does not sound like it.

I fear the default world will be too present. I fear that the economy will keep too many real Burners away and too many “yahoos” (mundanes or whatever) will be there tossing their Budweiser cans into the road while high-fiving each other because they saw a pair of tits. Ugh!

My name is Toaster and this is my first Burning Man. I’ve been to 3 regionals, created the logo used for Dark Skies (which I take great pride in), and love the burners I know so much I feel like they are family. Unlike many people in my life I know these people will be there for me if asked (within all reason) and I know what I cannot ask. But a hug usually solves a lot…. Thanks for reading this if you got this far. Please hit COMMENT below and add a couple words and sign it with your playa name if ya got one.

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