Seems like such a long week. Kaidy was here for the first part of it and it was really nice having him here. I hope I did not bore him too much, but we seemed to do some nice things. Got some pool time in – as usual – and made a couple of really nice dinners.

Other than that, I am fretting over some of this medication I am taking right now. The side effects are a mish-mash of pluses and minuses. Not to go into too much detail, because I would rather not share too much info, that it makes sleeping somewhat difficult. Yet I manage to get what I need.

Last night was odd. Given the fire here in the apartment yesterday, too, it was not all that bad. They replaced the water heater right away. I showed pictures of the mess on Facebook.

Other than that… I am so fed up of this unemployment. But the benefits of it are driving me insane. I am not getting enough work done and this seems to be a perfect time to get some personal studying achieved. I want to read more on some industry related subjects.

Oh crap, I need to do something. -sigh

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