Shades of Gray

It’s been a wierd week and I am trying to review my life situation and determine where I need to go and what sacrifices I need to make. It’s frustrating as I struffle to make ends meet – like everyone else in this country – and make plans to shed a lot of the crap I have collected.

I feel like a big snowball. I look into this walkin closet I have and though I have cleaned out a lot of stuff I have a ton of more junk – papers – and whatvers I got through my last 2 relationships floating around.

Adolfo and I were mad-shoppers and even when I was with Brian I still collected a lot of crap. I still have papers going back more than a decade from power bills and this-n-that that just needs to go. I plan on sacrificing some of it ceramoniously to the Man. How about them apples… what do I mean? See the link at the top in the shape of THE MAN.

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