I felt like this whole day was different. We’re past that crazy period after the full moon – and it’s a f’d up period – but now there is renewed energy in the cosmos. It’s a lunar thing… follow it and you might be surprised.

I digress. Without getting into detail I have been suffering from a headache almost all day, but my energy level has been peaked. I have felt pretty comfy in my own skin. It’s all pretty good.

That b.s. I went through with M* is in the past, but I have some things belonging to him here in the house I want to get back as soon as possible. Giving him the boot has put a crimp in some of my plans – all Burning Man related (see my other blog for BM details).

I really want to go to this one event in SD (Burners without Borders) that is a fund raiser, but I could not possibly travel with him now. He is part of the package if I go with my crew. He is also on the outs for traveling with me to Burning Man. Sucks!

Meanwhile, I am now worried I will not be able to sleep tonight. I had trouble last night sleeping. It was so wierd. I have been sleeping fairly soundly recently – also wierd. So, I took a melatonin and just finished a warm milk with a drop of madagascar vanilla… yum yum yum. No sugar or caffeine… thank you.

Speaking of which I really need to stop drinking so much milk… it’s just not good for me… ugh. Okay, this is boiling down to a ramble. cya

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