So, I had some time to think about this guy I got involved with and think that it as a huge mistake. He has no idea and no concept of empathy; which is fine as long as the attitude is not cruel. In a way it went there and he is so about himself that he could never imagine how he left me feeling inside. Imagine Jack McFarlane from Will&Grace with issues.

I have been working on opening my heart and being a better person to relate with. Well, this was an occasion that basically took the heart and threw it on the ground and pooped on it – then pointed and laughed at it. Well, that is how it plays out in my head.

Alas, my stress level is not overwhelming yet. Putting the whole dating fiasco on the back burner for now… I am managing on other levels.

Mom just called saying she was all worried about me and I appreciated it. She worries too much, but it’s cool to have a mom.

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