As I progress to finally getting my BS in 8 weeks and counting, there is a tremendous sense of pressure and stress that is mounting to such a level I have never known this feeling. To say never, might be strong, but demands are coming at me from all directions.

When this full moon cycle began I was having tremendous luck and successes.. it was as if there was nothing I could do wrong. Thank God that some important events were taking place in those times. But gradually through the phase of the cycle things are getting more and more sour and now I am starting to be careful watching for land mines in the road ahead… time to stay low and move fast maybe?

Last night my boss called and ripped me a new one… something I have to fix today. He is a non-creative dealing with a creative and it can be daunting, but this is also the most challenging and rewarding job I have ever had.

On the other side of the coin, an employee I hired to help with a project is waffling and threatening to leave the team because he says he is in over his head. When he is finally contributing successfully, now he is ready to flee. I’m just stunned and frustrated there too.

Ugh, the real world sucks… burningman take me away. ha ha ha

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