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Chowderstock was amazing and I am so glad it all went well. I have yet to see any pictures of me and my little costume for the night. Some guy says… ‘that guy looks so gay’… I wanted to say… well, duh! It was interesting and I will show it if it is pictured somewhere.

I am in the above shot. Jesse said he kept losing me. I am the one who looks like he is wearing a skirt. I was… ha ha ha… with combat boots. Grrrr… and a mohawk… hollah!

It was Chowderstock and I put on my lumpy chef hat and made this from scratch:

Here is my recipe for the chowder. I made it from scratch using some general classic cooking techniques.

2 sticks butter
3 cups sifted flour (just to make sure it is clean no lumps)
1 gallon whole milk
3 leeks (cut in strips or dice)
1 pint sour cream
white pepper
freshly ground black pepper

3# peeled and diced potato (medium dice)
2# talapia fish
1/2# diced charizo dried sausage
2# shredded cheddar cheese

Make a bechamel sauce…
Melt butter but don’t brown it. Cook flour into butter until you have a doughy, blonde colored mass that break up somewhat. We are making a blonde roux. Then gently add cold milk to your hot roux stirring constantly as it goes from paste to milky floury mixture. Let it get hot but not to boil…

While getting hot dice and add leeks (just the white part and be sure you rinse it well. Also add sour cream and season.

White pepper should be a healthy pinch because too much can be over-powering

Grind some black pepper in; should be fresh ground. As much as the white pepper.

About a teaspoon or slightly more of salt.

Once hot, add potatoes and fish

Let this cook for a while, there are a few things happening. The flour taste of the bechamel will meed to cook out. The fish is hearty and will cook along with the potatoes. Basically when the potatoes are finished the soup will be ready.

Add charizo and cheese when the potatoes are done that will finish the chowder. Stir them in and once the cheese has melted go ahead and serve.

IF too thick add more milk to loosen it up if desired.

One of the dj’s sent out an email with link. Here is some of the music he played and his words:
“Hi all,

Wow, what an experience last night was! Very very awesome. Massive thank yous to all the organizers and great to see so many people braving the chills of Kingman Wash.

For your pleasure and amusement here are a few of my sets from the night:
– First set of the night. ~45 minutes 95meg
– Second set. Keep an eye out at minute 16 to hear Boris’s happy birthday greeting, the long song is because i was creating the vocals on the fly in the background.

– Sunday mornings very lazy set – long songs while demooping until the generator cut out.

Peace & Love,

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