New Year 2009

So, my diary carries yet another year of my never ending babble. There has been this subtle change of identity forming over the last 6 months and some or most of it has taken hold. Funny how things change.

People do not change. A shit is still a shit if it is decorated with a flower.

Change should never be forced. But sometimes change happens as a by-product of a transition or the result of the way the next domino falls… either way change can happen. Even a shot becomes fertilizer that becomes the flower.

So, maybe you like to new look and feel of the site. From Book of Uriel to Uriel’s Journal.

My New Year celebration was quiet and wholesome. I wanted the exact opposite of course, but fate dealt another set of cards. It was good. I was with good people I cared about. I also talked to some awesome people. xo

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