The universe pooped on my head and called it snow!

So, this has been an interesting time and I may have mentioned on a previous entry about a perception that a lot of things in our universe are changing. Energies fluctuate and changes are made from that chaos. Sounds fluffy, huh? Not really if you look at it. There are one or two people who actually understand what I am saying… right Sam and Cheryl????

Since the last full moon cycle began I have had a lot of uncomfortable and negative things happen to me, some caused by me, that provoked some major changes in my life as it is today. 3 full moon cycles the same sorta ‘rough’ full moon phase kicked my ass as well, but not like this one. Now the moon is not particular fond of the male anyway, but I digress.

(If this sounds weird to some of you I really don’t think it is any weirder that the second coming of Christ or some guy speaking to his burning bush so shut it.)

So i was standing outside and in the south I could see the crescent full moon with Venus and Jupiter flanking it and all I could think of was – wow. It was a world of opposing forces in the air.

I am still babbling on spiritual stuff most people I know have no clue about – not that I am a genius myself!

Digressing again – keeping my head screwed on….

This has been a year of change for me. A year of new perceptions, ideas, exceptions, feelings, outlooks, and goals. With my upcoming graduation from school it is a time of planning as well. The last two years have been preparing me for some kind of transition and I still don;t know where it will all go.

I joined the local Burningman group (see the bm2009 link in the upper right corner) and started living life more in tune of the things I hope to have. I’ve gone camping my myself and slept in the middle of the desert and danced around a bonfire like some pagan fire worshiper loving every minute of it.

Recently I have been seeing relationship being tested and got some interesting results out of it. I will blog in more detail soon, but I basically cut off ties to my father and got the riot act from my sister for doing so. My mom was disappointed and I could hear her feelings in her voice… but she would have never had to be part of that nonsense if someone didn’t try and involve her.

Me… I am a man turning 44 this month with the soul of a man half my years and the expectations and outlook that is very naive to structure the world is trying to build around me. I have achieved so much in this life and will continue to that people can’t bring me down. I won’t let them. They wound me with their pure evil and their hate and their ignorance and I won’t fall.

I have an insight into this life and a grasp on life that only an insane man should ever know. Sounds so hippy-dippy, huh? Maybe I will start understanding my uncle better? not!

If a man is my friend he will be my friend and have patience and understand me; or try to. Except me for me is all I ask. If you don’t like it – lump it.

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  1. wowww… I feel u bro. Honestly, I think that i can relate on sooo many different levels. Truth be told… It is the experiences, hardships and selfless endeavors in life that make us whole and unite. Fuck the ignorant fascists and vote for love and peace. 2009 will be a new revolution.

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