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I am getting a lot off my chest today. I should get my ass back to work….

When I told my mom that I had fallen out with my ‘dad’ and that my idiot brother-in-law decided to berate me in front of some family through email I heard something in her voice. It was disappointment. She asked “why don’t you get along with family members?”

So let’s have a history lesson here…

My sister and I never got along since the day she crawled out of the egg. She and I are about as opposite as two people can get. About 20 years or more ago I told her off in a big way because she really was the baby of the family and so heavily favored by both parents that all this resentment came rushing out in a shouting match. This was probably the only time no one was there to rescue her and protect her and I made sure he heard every word of it. She then told the entire family that I beat her up and she will probably go to her grave saying it to. I guess words really do hurt, because that was all that bitch got!

My dad is another issue discussed in a separate entry. Selfish egocentric asshole.

My uncle on my mom’s side and his daughter live together up in Oregon. Both are fucked up meth addicts. I was on really good terms with them and moved to Oregon in June 07 and rented half of the house. Crack head cousin started telling stories how I was abusive to her and spinning some bullshit on my uncle then that freak started locking me out of portions of the house with a steel bar. He refused to even talk to me and literally was sitting in his room with one of those lamps people where when exploring caves on his head in his dark room. This went on for a month with this weirdness, all caused by my crackhead cousin. I bailed and came back to Las Vegas.

That’s it… well, my side of the story anyway. You can read more by looking at some of the past entries!

Look at some of the past entries:
This one from my return from Oregon!

Another note about old dad…

I found this entry… the guy I am talking about here named Noah died last week from cancer.

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