you asked for it

so… I have not been inspired to do any writing here in a while. Someone … SOMEONE… sent me an email demanding some kind of response. I never have time for anything anymore between trying to get a social life as well as all the other obligations i have. Between school and work and trying to get some gym time… ugh.

Dating is impossible in this town. Guys are all flakes and no one has a socially oriented brain in their head except those that are on their knees at Hawks Gym.

And then let’s talk about people being social in general… damn people here are lazy lazy lazy fucking people who sit around getting fat in thier homes instead of socializing with other people. No one keeps commitments. No one interacts with other humans unless they are getting something out of it. Society is sure fucked up!

It’s not just Vegas… it’s everywhere. People are lazy fuckers. People don;t develop friendships they develop acquaintances.

So, this is what has been bugging me lately.

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