friday is monday

each week seems to blur into the other and I forget to make entries here. It actually feels better in the head to let out a little of my thoughts here and chill out a bit.

basically, I have been approaching this year thinking I have to maintain a healthier lifestyle of some kind. Got back on a multivitamin and my dhcp. I am trying to work out as often as I can… took a Pilates class and a nice Yoga class this week. Both of them left my midsection sore for half a week.

I work ft and got to school t-f so there are 4 days of the week that are extremely difficult to get in to the gym. i can get in for a quickie after school… ‘cept this week i have been racing home to put together my entries for the student art show at school.

I submitted 3 art pieces and all three were accepted. Fab-u-lous… although I might have popped my cork had any one of them not been selected. My entries are totally awesome and are all available on my working site for Achtung Media Design (see side for link). It should be interesting!!!! I hope to shine this year since I feel that my pieces were above par!

Life is… a bitch. but I am trying to manage and trying to keep on some kind of course. I don’t have the luxury of fantasizing about life right now.. like traveling or living in a new place. I am bound to life I have for the next year at least. Then what?

If all goes well I can do something next year. If I graduate in 2009 as scheduled then I will have a new piece of paper to go on with life. Then with the culmination of new student loans and cloudy prospects I can continue living paycheck to paycheck barely making ends meat happily ever after. ho-hum.

Without the freinds I have I would be in a dismal state. Thank God for Deb and Jon. If Chippy were here it would be such a blessing. Some of my freinds have really been there for me recently and it’s been a blessing. Adolfo is a phone call away, I can kibbitz with him on some things, but I will see him next week to meet up with Karen.

Some of my friends are so far away. If Keith were here… if Chippy… if Kaidy….

…heavy sigh

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