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Paperwork regarding financial matters may need to be executed at some point during the day, dear Capricorn. You’re in the mood for some adventure, perhaps physical, perhaps romantic. You might be tempted to participate in tricky sports such as river rafting or fast downhill skiing, or you might decide to attend some group meetings and see what opportunities for contacts – not to mention romantic partners! – could come your way. Take care! Have fun, but move ahead with caution.

Yep – mars must be in my space again. Yet, I constantly meet guys who are unavailable to me. Isn’t that just the way. Guys who are coming my way are Libra, Sags, and Gemini’s … all of whom are not compatible. Oh, Aries guys have been showing up too… not them either.

I’m tired. I’m going to bed. Life sucks again. xo

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