Sunday Night… oh, that was yesterday

School is finished for the quarter and just working… I am trying to accomplish a few things during this time from school. I have a cooking gig for Christmas again and I am hashing out the menu. should have finished it today… I have an idea.

Missing Adolfo a lot, but it might just be loneliness. I got very melancholy today when a woman I knew was asking me about him. I wondered about us getting back together, but I wonder that he has moved on and I need to as well. It takes a while.

I’ve met a couple nice guys, but nothing is happening right now in the romance area anyway. I had a great time hanging out with Deb on Sunday night; we saw the new Will Smith movie and I made dinner.

The movie was great… it’s the first good and solid movie I have seen in a while. Golden Compass was a bummer. More stuff is coming out! The Will Smith movie had a new Batman preview…. awesome.

For dinner I made a Beef Wellington and cream saute leeks. Yum!

I rock as a cook!

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