self pity and a lot of wine

“Things may seem a bit surreal for you today, dear Capricorn, so don’t take other people’s chatter too seriously. Today is a day to reach out and touch someone. Pick up the phone and dial it. It is a good day to share your dreams with others, despite how far-fetched they may sound. Others may look at you as if you have three heads, but as long as you are being honest with yourself, there is no reason for you to be shy about sharing.” – no relevance here… i think. I thought yesterday’s horoscope was still showing and I thought it was more relevant.

Today was a sucky day until this evening rolled around. I should have taken a picture. I made dinner for guests tonight. Funny how I can make a nice meal with no money. So I made my ravioli with some shrimp I picked up saute in a brown butter topped with sliced steak and some sauted orange peppers. Yum… my remaining bottles from my old wine of the month club is dwindling in supply. We knocked out 2 bottles tonight.

Deb came over and we kibbitzed a while, then Alex came by with gal-pal “Sol”… and it was really nice. Alex brought me a bunch of flowers and a cake for desert! Sweet!

Everyone left at 10 and I am getting ready to work for the next few days. I’m just pooped right now. Too much bloody wine…

…ON ANOTHER SUBJECT… I finally heard from Chippy! That cow finally resurfaced and said he read the diary and it sounded like I was wallowing in self-pity. FUCK… I hate wallowing in self pity! I have done that a few times in the past… I should stop all that. SUCKS that I am in the predicament that I am in… sucks man!

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