another exciting day

Cupid has shot his arrow in your heart today, dear Capricorn, so snuggle up closely with the object of your desire. You will find yourself feeling more sensual and romantic than usual. Gourmet foods and fine wines should accompany you at the dinner table tonight. Realize that there may be an element of restraint that needs to get worked into the equation, but don’t let this stop you from having a good time.

weird. Kiyo left today to go home after staying the night. We had a late night because we went to see Bourne Ultimatum on the latest show… my god it was good EXCEPT for the STUPID STUPID STUPID camera movement. That moron director had to be on crack the way he managed filming some of the most intense scenes. It was like the camera man was sitting in a jungle-gym and there were 40 kids jumping up and down all around him. Ugh!

So, why the word “weird”?

Well, Kiyo has been really sweet and I think he is getting into us being a “couple” as it were which is nice. I’m apprehensive only because I am still not working and I keep looking at my budget sinking into nothing. Ugh!

He’s also making me dinner tonight. I made dinner last night and all I had was some ground beef. I made patties and a peppercorn sauce with a mushroom ragout. He brought some tomatoes from his garden and some fresh Italian parsley and made a nice tomato salad with it. yum!

So I’ll grab some wine and hangout tonight. weird? Because this horoscope seems to be right on target again. This is just weird.

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