a day loose on oregon

Today is a fantastic day for you to take action, dear Capricorn. Your eagerness to strike out on new territory is being heightened by a drive to experience the new and unknown. Take an internal journey and see what kind of wonderful things you can discover. There is a tremendous strength inside you that does not always get a chance to show itself. This is the perfect day to prove your courage to the world.

Above is my horoscope which I only just saw. Odd… and yesterday’s was concerning. But keep reading and see why this was so interesting.

Kiyo and I went out on the state today to look around at things and we ended up driving almost 8- miles away. We had lunch at the furthest point called Hood River. It was a good lunch and a good day. I had a burger with bacon and blue cheese. yum…

We went along the Columbia River that separates Oregon from Washington, but we were heading east. Kiyo wanted to show me some of the falls in the area, one of which is pictured. And, that is the river in the background. There were some beautiful sites, all nature, and it was a nice day of site seeing.

So, tonight we’re off to see Bourne Ultimatum. Yeah us!

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