the lost cause

Another week down the shaft… 2 weeks into this new school and I am now certain that the adviser at the school made his program out to be something more than what it really was. He had me so frustrated that I was nearly ready to drop out of the program. In fact, I am considering it still.

I find Portland very comfortable in spite of the very odd population living here. There are a LOT of people who don;t shower. I mean some hot looking people who are some seriously deluded pigs. Not fat… I mean scanky hair action, dirt layered on their skin, and STINKY. AND NOT in bad areas, I mean in the best area of this city called the Pearl.

I’m in the Pearl daily because that is where my school is… so far life keeps taking me to this part of the city. I got lost and checked out other parts of the city and am ready to explore.

Yes, I sound happier today. I’m not bi-polar or anything like that. I’ve had days when I feel really lonely and dark on the inside and there are days when I am not. Granted, there are other factors.

I’m not a lost cause yet.

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