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Sam wrote an interesting piece today on his mySpace blog that seems to strike at home following my previous entry from earlier this morning. I wanted to write something to tell people how distressed I am over the circumstances I am in… literally wallowing in this self-pity I have been feeling since arriving here.

Wierd how the universe hits you in the nuts once in a while with these kinds of sign-posts on the road of life. My horoscope, which has been WIERDLY accurate lately on MSN, gave more hope to my perspective:
Reach for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, dear Capricorn. It is closer than you think. Indeed, your dreams are completely within your reach, and there are huge forces at work helping you out to achieve your goals. You should find yourself in a quite favorable mood all day, and people will be more sensitive than usual to your emotions. Let your fantasies lead the way.

Is the universe speaking again? I had to wonder about what my perceptions have been telling me because I swear I felt a strong energy bringing me to this part of the country. Unfortunately, I have been having one panic attack after another about the situation. These signals along the way I thought was something I misread and I was heading to a path of peril.

I have a more positive view quite suddenly. The psychic ties to Sam are just shocking to me sometimes but whatever the universe is telling me I am going along for the ride. I need prayers and positive wishes all!

xo… love you Sam

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