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Valentines Week? Adolfo’s Birthday? All this crap and school on top of it all. Today is Monday and today is my Wednesday for work. Sucks that Inever get a day off, but that will change soon. I will escape at the end of the quarter for a little while which will be really good for me.

Next quarter I will schedule my classes a little better so I can have a day to decompress and mellow. It WILL probably mean I will end up doing homework on that day…. ugh!!! This schedule has been sooooooo stressful. I thought I was doing the right thing. I must have been pissed off at Adolfo when I did this thining we were going to break up or something.

BTW: he has no faith in what I am doing in school and told me so last night. I think he thinks I am just spinning my wheels and trying to become a FT student. Kiss me ASS… bitches.

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