birthday @ FireFly Las Vegas

Last night was my birthday gathering at Firefly. Adolfo made all the arrangements and talked to some or all of my freinds and it was a nice occasion.

Woody was my only friend that showed up besides having gal pal Annebell (felow graduate from Culinary School) also in attendance. I guess you could say this goes along with my previous entry about “friends” and what is important.
I got a Zune from Adolfo. The Zune is a cool device and it works better than an Ipod, but getting content SUCKS!!!!! They donot have any video or movie stuff. It’s awful.. and I have all this content from iTunes that won’t work. So I am trying to decide whether I want to return it or not???? Ugh! I’ll experiment with it.
I found an article that suggests how to move content over…. hmmm?
On other notes: I got a nice Happy BDay from Allan in TX and some notes my mySpace from peeps. It’s nice when people remember. Sam called today and said “howdy” and all… but he did not remember either. He says he wants to come back to Vegas and stay with us.
So, as you can see there is always so much happening here in Lost Wages. Showgirls on every corner and Elvis is the security guard. The police department is all male strippers and hookers are the welcoming committee. ho-hum… ha ha ha

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