tuday… todai… two-day… poo-day

It’s been a fairly quiet month. Being on my new schedule it leaves me with less time to screw around with personal stuff on the web and stuff. However, I did manage to get some new things on HaloNet. I managed to start reading a new book: “Angels and Demons” by Dan Brown. I also enrolled in school so I will be returning to education effective 10/2 and working on a Bachelor Degree.

So, you can see I have not exactly been idle. It does interfere with any travel plans in the forseeable future. I really really really wanted to go to NY and see pal Chef Ken in mid October. Then I decided to try and jet off to see him in SFO for the Castro Street Fair weekend… nothing worked out. Plus, Chef Keith is going to be in Grand Junction to see sistah Karen around the same time and I was hoping to make a visit.

Money is always an issue as well. I am extremely tempted to get a new car right now as people around me are getting theirs. My truck should be paid off in a little while (Nov) and although I have no complaints about it I am looking at some of these new trucks and droolings. The new Jeep looked cool, but I think I got over it. The HHR from Chevy is interesting???? I should be happy without a car payment for a while… pay some friggin bills.

Well, with school on the horizon and student loans pennding in the “oh my hell!” range, I should just shut up and focus on building SOMETHING for my future. Anything?

I still am thinking about relocating soon even if it means transferring schools in the interim because I am really over this whole Las Vegas thing. Than goodness the weather is startting to mellow out… summer is a fucking whore with fire-crotch man! It gets way to fucking hot and way to fucking dry here. barely any rain this year, too! UGH!!!!

Anyway… Adolfo’s upset because his second best freind just announced he was leaving LV and heading back to New Jersey (ew!). Love the freind, hate the state.

No other news. I am sure I will be writing more and you will see more things developing on my sites as I progress into school and life. Cheers for now. XO

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