Yesterday was my first day back to work from my 1.5 week long vacation. Ugh! I know most people hate their jobs…. I hate mine. I like most of the people I work with… some are linked on my freinds list on mySpace. We’re all such an odd bunch.

I have to help some people who are such idiots. You know I do Help Desk Support at the Venetian Hotel and Casino on the lovely Las Vegas Strip (Imagine a commercial voice on that introduction). I have to field calls from guests and hotel employees. Anyone who answers support calls can relate to the morons that call in… but to put out the level of customer service needed is a tought thing to do.

I need a new job… I have not had the KIND of job that brought joy to me like when I worked for HostPro and Cambridgeport Bank… those were the days and both of those companies are gone.

Re: Adolfo and I: we’re here. Our relationship is teetering though I am unsure how he feels. We’re on a rocky shore from what I can see and I do not know if it will get any better. I need a change and I think it will come within the next year. Together or not… I do not know yet.

I am so not into drama, though I think some people might think I am from reading this. In the last couple weeks I got some cool e-mails from people I never talked to before that actually come and read my diary! I think that is sooooo cool.

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