Sybil Lives!!!!

Things have been good with Adolfo and I. Let’s see how long this lasts. We’ve done this before wherein I was ready to bail on the relationship because of his shitty attitude and my self esteeem issues and then like a rubber band everything prings back in the opposite direction.

Somebody called me moody last night while I was at dinner with a group of people and I about passed out. Adolfo was sitting next to me with a huge HUGE shit-eating grin on his mug and we both started laughing. HE KNOWS THAT HE is the moody monster in this house! He knows he is SYBIL! SYBIL! SYBULL! eh, but I love him.

We’re planning on some vacation days soon but BUT I am frustrated because I have not bought tickets to anywhere yet. I wanted us to go to the North East… I’m not certain that will happen. Time is getting short.

I’ve been busy with some other projects and have not put much energy into my personal web site in a while. All the things about me and my creations seem to mean nothing to anyone anymore. I put effort into all this and it seems like nobody cares about my schtuff.

I’m tired and rambling right now so forgive me. xo

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  1. Of course there are people out there who care about you SCHTUFF princess. But for some reaons us loud mouthed people are learning to keep our more colorful opinions to yourselves. Don’t worry your loved. As for your man, i still have enough latino in me to shank him if worst comes to worse 😉 ha! Sam

  2. wandered through your page some time ago and keep coming back to read more – even though I haven’t commented before I should maybe tell you that I have enjoyed the ramblings etc + the layout is reaally nice.
    keep it up
    greez from Estonia 🙂

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