The Day After… 5th Anniversary

Last night we had a few guests over to help us celebrate our 5 years together. Which included the year we spent together in the early ninties. I think it all comes together.

So, I did not get much sleep yesterday. I passed out after breakfast on the couch and probably could have slept through a fire alarm. So, some smart ass aparently took a picture of me.

I was out pretty good, because Adolfo did a lot stuff and ran the dishwasher and nothing moved me for a few hours. I need more sleep before work tonight!

If you saw the pics on the cover then you saw we had a nice taco bar and nibbles. The cake was amazing! I buy it from Freeds Bakery and although it was not exactly what I wanted it was fab! 2/3 of it is still in the fridge!

I was really disapointed so many people were not able to come. Yes, it was a last minute thing, but fucking people can’t do anything last minute in this town. The only people to show up was the 1 other couple you see in the pic. We’ve known them forever though.

We exchanged some gifts. I boughht him one of the new iPods with video. He got me the Superman watch and a watch case we were looking at a couple days ago. Secretly, I was hoping he would buy me this white leather jacket I found.

Oh well… I worked hard. Spent 200$ on food… then ended up wrapping most of it up. Dammit.. but we watched ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ and it was really good!

I have to say this is probably surprising after the last diary entry… but since then we have been rebuilding things a little. With him I get very very very frustrated and at some point we finally clear the air. Wierd how he takes me right to the edge and then SNAP were back to goodie goodie.

I was seriously ready to put his shit in the 2nd bedroom and call it quits! Let’s see how long this lasts. And, I think I finally got him a good gift. Finally!

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