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I bought another domain for myself. Well, Blue Angel Cafe was supposed to be my domain, but it blossomed into something else. It blossomed into a pretty cool project, one which I am excited about… but need to really do something about as well.

Mynew domain will be and though many people don’t get the subtext… or maybe you do and just think I am sorta fucked in the head… will get to enjoy an all new scheme. I cannot manage to get it all together yet, but it is coming.

I let someone get under my skin about HOW I should present my web sites… and since then it has been knawing at me. Mind you, I respect this person a lot, but I let it really get to me. I make web sites like these and manage them because I like doing it. I like creating cohesive elements I can share on the web. It is a way for me to express myself… but I have been relaying on old tech for a while.

I use a WYSIWIG and I use Swish … I cheat. I ty and create something fun and descriptive from myself and though a trickle of people come to see me… I try to please. Argh!!!! Argh that I want to do more and create good stuff… creat thought provoking details and ideas and that I get virtually no feedback. AND what I do I get is usually not glittering. Argh that I take it too personally and feel obligated to make ot bigger.

But I do. It’s not his fault. It’s all me… when “Book of Uriel” comes into light it will finally have many of the things I want to say. MEEEEEEEE!!!!

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