Post Christmas Tragedy!

Well, another Christmas bites the dust. I worked myself so hard this week I amde myself totally sick and I am having a near death expereince as I type this! I am soooooo conjested. I need sleep! I slept most of the day yesterday… which is today for me… but you get the point.

I got off work Saturday morning at 7, prepped the whole day for the party I was cooking for that night, then then the party wrapped up at 9pm… I left and had to go to my job… add this up and it means I worked for more than 24 hours. This is not including the work I did before that where I also could not sleep.

Ugh! Well, the good news is that they seemed to love the food I made. It may generate clients for me in the future. So we will see…

One dish I made was a German Rouladen! The flavor was amazing! It was just amazing!

I also made my special cranberry sauce that had a port and balsamic vinegar base. Delicious!

I am just happy it came off so nicely. I can really throw down. I should have more jobs!!!! So, through this I am hoping that my career and life will start moving in a good direction! I am thrilled!

I did not get much for Christmas, though. I was a litle bummed. Adolfo did give me a cool sweater … a couple nice shirts… and some other stuff. Mom got me some neat cooking stuff. Sai and Jim and the Kidz gave us a couple beautiful phot albums and a candle holder.

All in all, because of all the things that went on, I have some mixed feelings about Christmas. Rightly so… but it was all things we had to accpet to move on in life right now. We did this for work and for money.

The coolest toys I got were all for myself anyway!

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