Holiday Cheer

The holidays are always a little on the rough side. Emotionally, temperamentally, as well as the abililty to have faith in other people. I once made an entry that kvetched about this city and the way people communicate with each other. How people do not look other people in the eyes. How people are generally rude. I have noticed less of that lately…?

I imagine it is just the holidays. Come January everything will be back to the way it was or…. worse. Sounds like I have little faith in people.

Well, I have more than you know. I have more hope than I have ever shared. I have more insight than I wish. I If only I could make the world run my way we would all be happier. he he he!

I am very busy this week and I am worried about the amount of sleep I will not be getting. My mom is coming to town this weekend and may be having lunch with us… aka an early Christmas dinner. It’s the only time I can muster for us to gather at our place.

I am anxious for Adolfo to open his gifts. I got him a buch of junk he wanted and I am unsure of what he got me. Who knows…. this might be a cool Christmas. I ended up spending more for myself than anything! I bought myself a new laptop and a new mp3 player. Oh, Satallite radio. C’Mon!

Anyway… should be cool. Ciao!

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