Insane in the Membrane

When I feel stressed it affects me in a lot of different directions. I am concerned that I am driving myself nuts lately. This is not too unusual that I do this to myself. But I get more ditzy, sleep less, and fixate on things that I do not need to. It’s all negative.

The thing is, that in the end, I feel good and that I have accomplish a lot … as long as I do not let anything fall through the cracks… as it were. Bills, obligations… etc. Adolfo… Tom… web sites, job, personal businesses, birthdays, anniversaries, etc….

I will be nuts for the rest of the week. I do not know what I will post in my journal… but in less than a week is my 29th birthday (don’t pop my bubble) and I will finally be able to relax.

We are having dinner at Commander’s Palace with friends and that will be enjoyable. I wish people I know from all over could be there. Ian, George, Ken, Keith, Allan, Gary ROSA!, Jeffy-Jeff, Ed the Diva, TVD, Maureen. Brian, too?

You know, that would be the best if all these people came to my funeral. I don’t know why I just thought about this. Imagine if it was my funeral instead of my birthday, I would be so happy to have all these same people there.

That was weird for some people… get over it.

I’m not connecting the dots together so well right now. I’m tired and stressed and thinking about 100 different things.

Hmm… I can go to bed soon.

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