Last night after work I ended up at a club called Krave here in Las Vegas. It is a high end queer club and this one was featuring cast members from the Zumanity show. It is a show filled with pure, disgusting, sexually depraved fun with drag queens, leather bitches, and all the fun stuff you want to tell your uptight mother about and do not.

Annnnnnnnyway, there were a lot of migit sized party twinks bopping around and some tired dinosaurs that should have hung up that cocktail gown a long time ago. It is the “high-end” club on the strip… the one boys become escorts to go to. Ha ha ha… I have not been to a club in soooooooooo long, Mary, but I had a good time.

No, I did not take Adolfo. Maybe that is why I had fun… JUST KIDDING. I do want to take him… wouldn’t you know as soon as I suggested it he pooped all over the idea. Bitch!!!

I still want to take him. I think he will like it. It has the best go go boys as any of the bars I have seen in this fucked up city.

Speaking of fucked-up… I don’t know it just seemed like the next natural line to begin typing.

….. that job with the famous-persona I talked about previously is in the air. Can’t say what, who, or where as of yet but am working on it. I was all hope-filled and the wife of person-X called me to say it’s all up up up up there because of famous-person-B.

You should see the menu I created for their lunch. I would like to make a roasted pork loin with a carmelized crust on it. I will put a braised Spinach with it and some other delicious thingies. These people are Atkins-people so I have to be thoughtful about WHAT goes into their food.

Nothing else to report for now…. except that the book I have been reading by the sexy and one and only Steven Saylor “A Gladiator Only Dies Twice” is awsome as usual! Read Steven’s books… he is adorable!

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