This has been an interesting month, as it is ending in some pretty cool ways. I have a lot of goals and in achieving them I am stunned that I am making head-way.

We are leaving on vacation in a few days and will have some cool pictures to post. We will have some neat stories and more. I just found out that Chip from New York will be there on Thursday preparing for the San Francisco Marathon! We might get a chance to see him!!!

I talked with Allan in Texas last night for a while and I was taken by his new outlook on life. This was one of a few of freindships I severed and walked away from because it was getting to me. It was one of two people whom I cared for that I found myself too involved in thier lives and finding myself being very judgemental about what they did to themselves and other people around them.

It’s no more healthy for me to be involved as it is for me to be judgemental about it. For Allan or for Keith, for that matter. I find myself missing Keith in some ways.

I am glad I talked with Allan and saw where he is evolving in this existance. I am sure Keith is doing much in the same.

I recently sent out a mass e-mail to freinds and family saying “howdy”… none of those bitches replied… well, except Ken in Burmuda! Hey!!!!! I need more attention!

Later ya’ll

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