Today is my Sunday, but I have an extra day off this week which I am very happy about. I chose not to get paid for it, saving my flex-time (vacation time), so my next check will be slightly enemic (sp?).

I got the web sites uploaded finally. There are some minor changes I made already, but I want to do more updates.Of course, there are many more to come to my changing and evolving world.

Vacation plans are all made and there is room for exploraion and fun-having. I will be visiting SFO anew… I hope Adolfo can find it a positive expereince.

I have began figuring out that he rarely sees anything in a positive light. He almost never is excited about something. He almost never has a positive thing to say about expereinces. He is so afraid of “new” or change that it boggles my imagination.

On Queer Eye last night there was the girlfreind of the Strait Guy who was much like Adolfo… she could say nothing positive. She almost complained unceasingly. I was watching with Adolfo and that evening we had an brief bitch-moment about how negative he was…

I wonder if he saw the same paralells I did?????


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