It’s been a while… again. Our lives have changed with schedules changing. Adolfo and I have much more simular schedules and with that he likes to keep me off the computer. I cannot get a lot of things done I would normally be working on. Is that bad? Is that good?

Time will tell… so far, not so bad.

Mom was here last weekend and we spent a couple evenings with her and my step-dad. It was very nice to see them. This weekend Adolfo’s sis and neice are coming to town. Wierd how everyone travels about the same time, huh? A holiday weekend brings ’em in!

Last night I booked our new vacation. I got a good deal to SFO for three nights and I got hotel, air and a car for a good dea. YEAH! I want to go to Europe this year, too, but I do not see that really developing. ergh…

Anyway, I am looking forward to the whole trip. Getting away is way way overdue right now. I hope not to drive my ass into the poorhouse.

Anyway, I am off to pick the little-man (right Keith?) from work and then off for a drinky-poo. Ha ha ha… Scott

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